Do you dream of moving to Spain?

Are you waiting to win the lottery?

Let’s be honest.

The chances of that happening are as good as zero.

It’s time to stop drifting and dreaming.

Take control of your life and make a plan!

No idea where to start?

No problema.

We can help you to create a sustainable, financially viable, life in Spain.

So who are we anyway?

I’m Maria Gaian Glenn. I live in Valenciana Province in Spain with my soulmate Mac and 5 of our kids whose ages range from 26 down to 7 years old.

We’ve created a life here that at one time seemed like an impossible dream.

Have you ever been on holiday to Spain and loved it so much that you wished you didn’t have to go home?

I definitely have!

From the moment I first landed in Mallorca as a young teenager way back in 1985, I fell in love with Spain.
The people, the food, the sunshine, the beaches and the relaxed lifestyle felt so good to me.
I returned a few times, both on holiday and as an exchange student and I always felt that same sense of belonging.
It was as if I’d been born in the wrong place. In Spain, I felt like I’d come home. 

I dreamed of living permanently in Spain, but the time was never right.

I’m sure you know how life gets in the way of dreams sometimes.
I was. like so many other people, trapped in the hamster wheel of work, bills and raising kids.

We often talked about moving to Spain, but it seemed like it would have to wait until we retired.

There were so many problems that seemed too hard to solve, such as: –

  • our businesses might not work well abroad.
  • our spanish language skills weren’t good enough for us to get jobs. Not that there are many jobs here for expats anyway. 
  • one of our kids was in a pivotal year at school and couldn’t move.
  • the kids weren’t sure if they wanted to come with us. Some of them are over 18 and none of them had ever been to Spain.
  • we didn’t own a home to sell so that we had enough equity to buy a new place.
  • we were paying out so much in bills it seemed impossible to make any substantial savings.


Moving to Spain seemed out of reach for people like us.

The only way we could move was if we knew we could earn a living and support ourselves. But how?

Now don’t get me wrong, we’re an adventurous family and we’ve had our fair share of fun along the way. We’ve run businesses that have been fantastic. But we’ve also run businesses that haven’t gone so well.

Business failure in Spain is not an option. There’s no benefits system to rely on.

You have to be self sufficient from day one.

Now, I’m an optimist, but that nagging feeling of how we would make a living in Spain was always with me.


Then in 2013 our lives fell apart very suddenly and we knew it was time for a change.

Several things became obvious to us:-
  • Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, it can end at any time;
  • Nothing is permanent;
  • Risks aren’t something to be afraid of;
  • There’s never a right time to do anything;
  • People are capable of doing anything they put their minds to!
We’ve always been slightly bonkers and willing to take some risks to get what we want out of life.
We aren’t strangers to hard work and we love a challenge.
Our belief is that life shouldn’t have to be boring or miserable.
Life is a privilege and we should grasp it with both hands and suck the juice out of it! 

We all deserve to be more, do more, have more. 

It didn’t take us long to make a decision.

No more waiting.

We were going to go for it!

Whatever it took, we were committed to making our dream of living in Spain a reality.

No more sitting about waiting for the right time, because the right time never comes.

So in 2014, we set everything in motion for our new adventure and by late 2015 our dream had come true.

This blog is the story of our journey to a new life in Spain.

We share our deepest fears, our action plans and our experiences with you.

There’s been ups and downs along the way, but nothing worth having ever comes easily, does it?  

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible for you to live the life in Spain you’ve dreamed of, the answer is ‘Hell, Yes!’ 

If you can’t find a job, make one!
We’ve created several businesses that can be operated from anywhere.
My daughter transferred her craft business, my son creates software and video games, I run several blogs and coaching/training businesses and Mac is an IT engineer turned herb grower.
In this blog, we’ll share with exactly how we’ve done it.

With some commitment, hard work and determination, it’s possible to create an amazing life for yourself in Spain.

Even with Brexit looming on the horizon for Brits, it’s still possible to make the move.
If we can do it, anyone can.
Let us show you how.

!Viva la Vida!

Photo of Maria Gaian Glenn

Hi, I'm Maria! Good to meet you!

My name is Maria Glenn and I’m a blogger, entrepreneur, foodie, budding gardener and big fan of living life to the fullest!

I dreamed of moving to Spain for 30 years and in 2015 I finally did it!

I’m here with my soulmate Mac, 5 of my 6 kids, some nutty dogs and cats, 2 ponies and a bird called Bird. (yes, really.)

I believe we all deserve to live the life of our dreams, no exceptions. It’s not always easy to go after what we want, but anything worth doing is worth the blood, sweat and tears.

When I’m not enjoying life on a magical mountain in Spain, I’m running my businesses, writing blog posts and binge watching Arrow and Gilmore Girls on Netflix.


Child making sandcastles on beach in Spain
two little girls jumping in the sea in Spain
Two children jumping in the swimming pool in Spain

I think the only advice I can give you on how to live your life well is, first off, remember… it’s not the things we do in life that we regret on our deathbed, it is the things we do not.

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